STAFF ALLIANCE, INC. is a company of highly energetic, talented and dedicated individuals committed to serving companies in need of human resource and manpower assistance. Corollary to this, we serve the job-seeking public by providing them with as many job opportunities as possible and wider options for career development. Our expertise ranges from outsourced servicing, project and contractual hiring, to professional and executive search and selection, to office maintenance and janitorial services. Over the years since our incorporation, we have continued to provide assistance to a broad base of clientele from various industries that include, among others, the banking and insurance industry, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, food chains, agricultural, manufacturing and export. With head offices in Makati City and branches in Cebu and Davao, our operations span the whole archipelago - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Borne of many years of experience as a job contracting firm, we have adopted and perfected the total approach when addressing our clients' needs. It involves understanding fully what the client needs, committing to serve the need as understood, and finally, delivering as committed. This approach derives from our belief that one delivers best when there is commitment, and commitment can grow only with full comprehension of what is required.

Our clients are our partners, whose interests we promote and protect like our own, and with whom we are happy to share, whenever necessary or desired, our knowledge and expertise in the field of human resource. Our service is geared towards their goals, driving us to make every possible effort to ensure that the manpower we provide are the best qualified and are able to contribute to their productivity and growth. With our dynamic team, these and more are made possible, giving our partners assurance of efficient, quality service through competent handling of their requirements.


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